Get Gmail statistics and graphs

Gmail gains automatic message advancement option

I don’t know about you, but I’m crazy about numbers. Statistics about the most diverse things catch my attention. My favorites are, without any doubt, about technology. Market share, visitors, pageviews, online users … Yes, this type of information fills my eyes.

At the same time, I believe that most of our readers know about my love affair with Gmail. My main email since 2005, it currently accumulates 58,996 messages, divided into 53 labels, totaling 10.4GB of information. I told you I liked numbers … 😛

But I never found a way to combine my fascination with numbers with my passion for Gmail. Through the search engine, I even got some numbers. But just numbers …

Today, for my happiness, I met an extension for Google Chrome called Graph Your Inbox. Through any search term, the extension returns, in 3 different graphs, data on all messages that match the search term. The first shows the number of occurrences for the term, divided by month since the account was created. The second shows all occurrences for the current month or, by clicking on one of the months in the first graph, for its respective result. The third, below, shows the occurrences by year. Clicking on any part of the graphics, a preview of the messages in question is displayed.

The user can take full advantage of the extension by knowing the advanced search operators from Gmail. 🙂

I loved the news. And you, what did you think?