Apple Watch Series 2 rose gold with blue and pink nylon weave strap

Get all the details and what’s new on the Apple Watch Series 2

At yesterday’s special event, Apple unveiled the new generation of its smart watch, the Apple Watch Series 2. On the outside, the design you already know; inside, some improvements were made and some features that were already expected also appeared.

It is certain that, after the launch, we will know the details of its operation; but, until that happens, we compiled with important information that has been released so far.

Series 1

Before we get to the depths of the features of the Series 2, we need to clarify some points that caused some confusion.

In the event, what was implied is that Series 2 was launched and the previous one was called “Series 1”. In fact, this is not what happened. Basically, they released * two new versions * (these are the ones that will be available for purchase at Apple stores): o Apple Watch Series 1 it’s the Apple Watch Series 2.

The Series 1 has the same configurations as what we know as “Apple Watch” (the first), but with the processor dual-core (50% faster) called S1P. In Series 2, the processor is also dual-core and it was called S2. So far, the only difference between the two processors is the presence of the GPS integrated in the S2.

In other words, we can still refer to the old watch as just “Apple Watch” (S1 processor) and the new ones will be the Apple Watch Series 1 (S1P processor) and Series 2 (S2 processor). So be careful if you want to buy the Series 1 at a store other than Apple’s – as you may end up buying the previous one.

In addition to these changes, the only option for the Series 1 that you will find on sale is with an aluminum finish (silver, gold, rose gold or space gray) and sports bracelet.

GPS and battery

As expected, the new generation of Apple Watch now comes with integrated GPS. This will make you more independent of the iPhone in a variety of situations. An example of this would be when navigation information is needed without the need for a smartphone nearby.

Apple Watch Series 2 rose gold with blue and pink nylon weave strap

As with GPS, rumors of a supposed battery improvement also circulated. That’s because several images leaked showing a bigger and more powerful battery. Unfortunately, the company’s website states that same 18 hours of autonomy were maintained in the new version.

As there was no reference to a better battery in the keynote, a possible explanation would be that the battery actually increased, but the improvement cannot be felt due to the high consumption of it by GPS. But these are just theories based on the leaked images; to have a confirmation, we will need to wait for the disassembly that iFixit normally performs.

Under water

Apple Watch Series 2 video

The first generation of the Watch already had an IPX7 rating, the so-called “splash resistant” (which will remain in the Series 1), however the novelty of the Series 2 is its water resistance for up to 50 meters depth (default ISO 22810: 2010). This means that the new generation can be used for swimming both in the pool and in the open sea, to practice rafting or fishing without damage to the watch.

Even so, Apple does not recommend its use when playing sports involving speed and water – as is the case with water skiing – or with a much greater depth (for example, diving).

Apple Watch Speakers

To achieve this resistance, it was necessary to modify several components inside, being sealed by rubber seals and modifying the operating scheme of the speakers. Because it depends on air to function, the structure of the previous speakers let the water in very easily. In Series 2, instead of preventing water from passing through them, Apple created a mechanism for water to enter, but it is soon expelled by themselves.


The novelty in relation to the new generation screen is only the capacity of twice as much brightness, with 1,000 nits, different from the previous generation that had only 450 nits. This new specification allows users to have a much better experience when dealing with Watch in a very bright environment, for example, when it is exposed to the sun.

Apple Watch Series 2 being used on a bicycle

When it comes to the material used to compose it, there are two options: the ion glass X for aluminum boxes and the sapphire crystal for stainless steel and ceramic boxes.


Although the external characteristics have been maintained, the new generation is a little thicker and heavier.

In the 38mm model, the Series 2 is 11.4mm thick and 28.2 grams. In the previous generation, the same model was 10.5mm thick and 25 grams. In the 42mm model, the weight of the Series 2 is 34.2 grams, different from the 30 grams present in the previous version.

In total, we can observe a 0.9mm increase in thickness and 4.2 grams – which may be due to the supposedly 35% bigger battery.

Finishes and names

By accessing the Apple website, we can see how she categorized Watches and this has caused some embarrassment in many people. Here are the options that the site shows: Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Nike +, Apple Watch Hermès, Apple Watch Edition and Apple Watch Series 1.

A doubt that arose in this tweet it may also have appeared in the minds of so many of us: does this mean that Nike +, Hermès and Edition are not also Series 2? And the answer is simple: yes, they all have the innovations brought by Series 2, but there are some differences in terms of finish and bracelets. Therefore, Apple thought it best to give more prominence to these models. Below, we’ll explain each one to make a little more sense.


Apple Watch Nike +

Like the others, this model is also a Series 2 inside. However, there are only two differences in it: the exclusive bracelets and dials integrated into the pre-installed Nike app.

You will find four options for the Nike +: space gray aluminum case with black strap /volt, space gray aluminum case with black / ice gray bracelet, silver aluminum case with gray bracelet /volt and silver aluminum case with gray / white bracelet; none of them will be available for sale separately.

The application is completely oriented towards runners and comes natively with this model. It makes it possible to access various information on distance, steps, speed, route traveled, among many other options. In addition, a range of motivational messages appear so that the runner does not get discouraged.

The model also has a complication of Nike with integrations with the app.


Apple Watch Series 2 with Hermès bracelet

Taking advantage of the launch of the new Watch, Hermès brought a new collection of bracelets to be purchased from him. The new design is the one presented above, with double closure; the novelty in material is the new Epsom leather. The new color and material join the Swift leather, a two-loop bracelet and the conventional one, with only one lap.

To complete a look “Premium”, reminiscent of the Hermès style, the only finishing option is the silver stainless steel case and it also comes with its own complication.

Buying this model, you also have an orange sports bracelet in the box.


Apple Watch Series 2 ceramic (Ceramic)

The name remained, but the options changed. Or better saying: the previous models (made of yellow or pink gold) were completely discarded, leaving as “Edition” only the new model, all in ceramic. A single choice of bracelet and color came with it, the sporty white. Furthermore, on this model only, this charging base will come with the box.


Assorted models of the Apple Watch Series 2 from the front

Since all of the above are also Series 2, why did Apple choose to separate this option from the rest? Just because all the combinations already known to the public fit here. If you choose the aluminum case (silver, gold, rose gold or space gray), you will have the option of a sports bracelet or nylon weave; if you choose the stainless steel case (silver or space black) you can choose between a sports bracelet, also made of stainless steel or leather.

And the Apple Watch Sport, where is it?

As you may have noticed, there is no “Apple Watch Sport” option, as there was previously. This happened because what would be considered the Sport (with aluminum finish and sports bracelet) will now only be the sports bracelet along with stainless steel, aluminum or ceramic finishes, as mentioned above.


There is nothing new in terms of design in the bracelets. Still, Apple took advantage of the launch of the Series 2 to add or remove colors from the available options.



In addition to the options that already existed, four more color options were added: pink sand, ocean blue, cocoa and concrete gray.



Here, we can see five more color options added: light pink / midnight blue, yellow / light gray, space orange / charcoal gray, coffee / caramel, navy and lagoon.



In the classic closure option, only the sea blue color was added.


Apple Watch Wristbands

The modern clasp bracelet remained with four options: midnight blue, black, “Marigold” (something like “marigold”) and red. Unfortunately, only the first two are available in Brazil.

The leather bracelet was smoke gray and midnight blue, while the Milanese and link bracelets remained only with silver and space gray.

· · ·

Ah! And for those who were wondering: yes, the new generation will be compatible with all previously released bracelets.

The Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 1 will go on pre-order tomorrow (9/9) and will be available in several countries from 9/16. To check the prices of all models, you can take a look at this our post.