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Table of the SeasAn essential thing for those who surf (not on the internet, but on the seas) is to know before leaving how the tide level will be. For this, sailors use a table called tide table, which determines, based on the time of year, latitude and moon phase, whether the tide will be high or low in a specific geographical point.

And that’s why the Brazilian developer Gustavo Cassab brought to the iPhone and iPod touch an application with the 2009 tablet from various points of the Brazilian coast, to be consulted at all times, wherever you are.

Tides Table

As in the high seas the internet does not start, the application contains all the information in its database, without the need for a connection. It also has a system of favorites for you to guard the ports you use most.

Time of year and favoritesCountry regions

Of course, the tide table alone is not enough for a complete analysis of the sea, and it is also necessary to consider the weather conditions of each region.

The application is available on App Store (link) for the price of $ 1.99 (less than 5 reais) and is compatible with any iPhone or iPod touch with firmware 2.0 onwards.

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