Get a new Apple Music experience with the Soor app

Get a new Apple Music experience with the Soor app

The native app of Apple music It has evolved at a pace that is enjoyable for most users, but is still the target of a lot of criticism regarding its usability and difficulty of adaptation mainly from those coming from a competing platform, such as Spotify. Fortunately, since Ma opened the API for your streaming, some alternative platform access apps have come up with different ideas and very interesting concepts. O Soor One of the greatest examples of this.

Soor app icon

Developed by Indian designer and developer Tanmay SonawaneSoor is a new iPhone app that promises to bring a new Apple Music experience to users – one more focused on discovery, with a focus on refined design and gesture navigation. And when I say “gesture navigation,” I mean it: for example, just swipe down from any screen to start a search.

Alis, the gesture of sliding down key element of the app. To avoid whether you need to extend your finger to the upper buttons, you can activate the functions they represent by simply sliding the screen down with more or less intensity.

Another interesting drag-and-drop gesture allows you to select one or more songs (or albums, or artists) on any screen and drag them wherever you want. playlist, the playback queue or anywhere else. Soor also integrates with Musixmatch, to display the lyrics of the songs played in real time, and three themes (light, dark and black, the latter is great on OLED screens).

It is good to note that Soor does not have some important functions due to Apple Music API's own limitations. You cannot, for example, remove songs from your library, rearrange, or rename playlists or check your friends' activity. Still, for those looking for a refreshing experience with Ma's music service, this is a great one.

It is worth checking!

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