Germany unhappy with privacy on Facebook

يمكن لـ Facebook مشاركة البيانات فقط بتفويض المستخدم

German politicians remain concerned about the privacy of their citizens. After the controversy with Google Street View, the focus is now on the latest phenomenon of popularity online: the Facebook.

In an open letter to the founder of the social network, the minister with the consumer protection portfolio expresses her concerns regarding the changes to the privacy policy proposed by the social network and states that it considers it inadmissible that user data should be transmitted to third parties without prior notice. authorization of those involved, read in the translation provided by Spiegel Online.

Among the changes announced by the social network, and brought to the attention of users in the blog of the service, the possibility of providing data about Facebook members to «partner» sites is included. The hypothesis «shocked» the official, who considers that with the measure Facebook wants to further relax the protection of the privacy of those who use the service.

In the letter to Mark Zuckerberg, German Minister Ilse Eigner strongly criticizes the lack of control over the personal data of members of the largest social network in the world, citing data from a recent study by a German consumer protection organization that she considered «poor» the protection and privacy policies of the website.

Ilse Eigner does not deny the importance of social networks and admits to maintaining a Facebook profile herself, but believes that «private information must remain private» and that like her many users will have the same expectation, that she will be harmed by the service, so ask for a review of your privacy policy as soon as possible.