Germany third in the top of supercomputers

Germany third in the top of supercomputers

Launched in May, in Germany, Jugene has confirmed its status as the third most powerful system in the world, with the release of the TOP500. The semi-annual list is led by Roadrunner and Jaguar, both Americans.

Roadrunner was the first computer to overcome the barrier of petaflop per second. Located in the military laboratory of Los Alamos, this machine is expected to reach 1.6 petaflop per second.

The system has nearly 16,000 Cell processors, initially intended for PlayStation 3, and is used in the maintenance and protection of the country’s nuclear arsenal, as well as for meteorological calculations.

The Roadrunner is closely followed by the Cray XT5 Jaguar installed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which reached 1.059 shortly after its installation petaflop per second.

The third position is then collected by Jugene, a new IBM BlueGene / P machine installed at the Julich Research Center in Germany, with a computing capacity of one petaflop per second, or a billion billion calculations per second.

Jugene was developed with the financial support of the German Government and occupies about 72 phone-box cabinets, with the aim of studying the effects of climate change, developments in the field of genetics or in other areas of science, improving the ability to predict phenomena .