Germany launches app integrated to the Coronavirus fighting API; more Apple stores reopen in the U.S. and Canada

Another day, another wave of news related to the new pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19). Shall we go to them?

Germany launches app

Those who followed the news of the pandemic know that Germany carried out a real turnaround related to the API to fight Coronavirus developed by Apple and Google.

The country initially rejected the technology, preferring to adopt centralized contact tracking; over the course of a weekend, however, Angela Merkel’s government completely changed its mind and decided to embrace the technology of the giants.

Well now, the result of this turnaround was born: the app Corona-Warn-App, now available on the App Store and Google Play.

Corona-warn-app, Germany's application to fight Coronavirus

As in other countries that have already launched their applications, the German app is for voluntary use and does not require registration; contacts with possible infected users are detected via Bluetooth, and users’ geolocation is never recorded. Contact details are registered locally on smartphones, and can be sent to health authorities only with the user’s authorization.

More countries join the API

While Switzerland, Italy and now Germany have already launched their tracking solutions integrated with the Apple and Google APIs, even more countries are embracing the technology. According to MacRumors, Poland and Saudi Arabia they are among the territories that, in the coming weeks, will launch their own applications to contain the spread of the virus among their populations.

The apps, of course, will be fully integrated with the API and the new features of iOS 13.5, which brings specific technologies to allow the operation of these applications.

More stores reopening in the United States and Canada

Finally, the pace of reopening of Apple stores is taking a breath: according to the Bloomberg, another 75 retail spaces of the company will reopen in USA and in Canada throughout this week.

Some of the stores will only open to receive customers with scheduled appointments; others will receive consumers in general, selling products. In all cases, there will be a limit of people in the spaces and the obligation to use masks.

Apple Fifth Avenue Apple Fifth Avenue

In Canada, three of Apple’s stores will reopen in Ontario (Apple Conestoga, Bayshore and Masonville) and Apple Place Ste-Foy, in Quebec. In the USA, there are more than 70 stores reopening over the week, including some in the states of New York, gives California it’s from Massachusetts. The full list can be found at 9to5Mac.

From a global perspective, 365 of 510 Apple stores have reopened in some way. The two Brazilian stores, however, remain closed – even with the reopening of shopping malls in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

via iMore