Germany hosts first European Congress on RFID / EPC

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Germany will host between the 6th and 8th of September the first European congress dedicated to RFID / EPC technologies, organized by the organizations GS1 in Europe, of which GS1 Portugal-CODIPR is part.

Over the three days, several specialists in the field and heads of some of the world’s largest logistics, telecommunications or pharmaceutical companies travel to the Duesseldorf Congress Center to showcase the latest developments in the sector, with the debate on topics such as strategic perspectives of RFID and EPC, their use in Europe and North America and the future of these new technologies.

Radio Frequency identification will be a topic addressed by Metro Group’s Zygmut Mierdorf and a member of the board of EPCGlobal, by Kenneth Porad, Boeing’s and Mohsen Moazami, vice president of Cisco Systems who will present the advantages of technology in the aerospace sector , certify the safety of its use and reveal the impact of RFID / EPC on the infrastructures of its companies.

Simultaneously, there is an exhibition – open to participants – of more than 25 solutions ranging from the hardware integrated services, where several companies will demonstrate the operation of RFID solutions.

The initiative is expected to attract the visit of «more than 700 visitors, integrators, consultants and vendors of RFID / EPC technology» from more than 40 countries, the press release said.

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification, an automatic identification technology using radio signals that retrieve and store data remotely through devices called tags RFID.

The EPC, the other theme of the conference, designates a Electronic Product Code, «a unique global serial number that uniquely and individually identifies each item, shipping unit, logistical unit or asset, allowing you to research your movements along the value chain».

It should be remembered that RFID is the subject of a public consultation by the European Commission, which intends to define strategic lines of Community policy in this area, after the results have been collected.

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