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Germany airport closes for 30 minutes after drones spotted flying over area

Frankfurt Airport in Germany was closed for about 30 minutes last Friday (22) after a drone was seen flying over the area. By official Twitter the case was reported informing what had happened and justifying the delays:

The tweet says: "A drone was spotted today at Frankfurt airport. Our priority is safety first. Flight operations were suspended for 30 min. Until the police clarified the situation. Flight operations are back to normal – no chaos. "


The event took place one month after the hands repeatedly closed Gatwick Airport

This is the busiest airport in all of Germany, which receives the largest flow of flights per day. Suspending activities for about 30 minutes can lead to several other delays, even cancellations, at both the airport itself and the others receiving the flights. Nevertheless, major problems were avoided and nothing serious occurred, and everything was resolved in a significantly short time.

The time the airport was idle was 5:15 pm 5:45 pm (German time), according to a spokesperson who reported the situation to the DroneDJ website. Initially the information was that two drones were sightedbut in the official statement it was mentioned that only one was flying over the area.


Police say suspects purposely used drones to cause chaos and prevent flights

This is the first time an airport has had drone problems, in January the airport's activities in New Jersey and in december 2018 an airport in England Gatwick They also had their activities interrupted for the same reason.

Despite all the previous reports, no consistent evidence that drones were actually flying over the area was confirmed in any of the cases mentioned. Even so, Gatwick Airport Administration has announced that it will invest in drone safety.

It is worth remembering that the use of drones in forbidden places crime in several places and may be responsible for those responsible for the equipment in accordance with the law of the country in which the offense is committed. It is important to check that the locations where flights are being made will not result in problems with general security.

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