German ISPs close access to 1,500 pedophile sites

German police deactivate international pedophilia network

German authorities have signed an agreement with the country’s main ISPs that will allow access to around 1,500 sites dedicated to child pornography to be blocked.

The authorities handed over a list to Internet access service providers and they undertake to close access to the platforms in question.

The main ISPs in the country, representing 75 percent of the market, signed the agreement.

This range includes Vodafone or Deutsche Telekom.

According to the authorities’ forecasts, the measure will avoid an average of 450 thousand daily accesses.

Internet authorities and companies guarantee that anyone who tries to access these platforms will not be identified by operators who have accepted measures identical to those that have also been implemented in countries such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea and Sweden.

In addition to blocking websites, German authorities have shown other results of their fight against pedophilia.

Also on Thursday, they announced the dismantling of a network of 9,000 pedophiles from 92 countries.