German designer creates current version of the first Game Boy

Designer alemĂŁo cria versĂŁo atual do primeiro Game Boy

If you are between 20 and 30 years old, you must have owned, or at least know, the Game Boy. Nintendo’s pocket laptop was quite successful in the late 80s and 90s. Successful franchises like Pokémon and Tetris first appeared for the handheld console. Launched in Japan in 1989, it sold more than 100 million units and more than 450 games. Now can you imagine what it would be like these days?

THE German designer Florian Renner, who certainly had one of these in his childhood, reinterpreted what the Game Boy nowadays. Called Nintendo GAME BOY 1up, the project does not seem unreal. The console was very similar to the Nintendo Wii U controller, which resembles a tablet.

The model, created by Renner, follows the classic design of the device, but with some “ups”, such as a large, high-resolution screen. There is still a version “echo”Made from recycled plastic and among the suggested titles for the console are the recently launched Fallout 4, in addition to the classics Mario Bros and Tetris.

The artist used the software Cinema4d and Octane to create the concept of Game Boy, but it wouldn’t be too bad if Nintendo embraced the idea and brought this Game Boy to life.