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German court dismisses one of Qualcomm's lawsuits against Apple

After winning one of the steps in the lawsuit against Apple in Germany and ordering some iPhone models to be banned from the country, the Qualcomm failed to support the latest patent infringement charge against the company there, as the Reuters.

In this case, the Mannheim regional court dismissed Qualcomm's case as "unfounded", saying that patent EP2460270B1 was not infringed by Apple in the United States. gadgets of the company. The chipmaker said it would appeal the decision based precisely on the other lawsuit that resulted in the banning of iPhones 7, 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus in Germany.

Apple has a history of infringement of our patents. While we disagree with the Mannheim court ruling and will appeal, we will continue to enforce our (intellectual property) rights against Apple worldwide.

Intellectual Property Specialist Florian Mller of FOSS Patents, had predicted that Qualcomm's complaint about the patent in question would be dismissed and that Apple's victory over late last year was of little practical value as the banned devices remain available from authorized Ma dealers.

The Munich decision affects only 3% of Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 sales (direct sales to end users through its 15 retail stores and its German online store). Even those 3% of sales of the two older generations of iPhone in a market that is generally not large for Apple (significant but far from substantial) are not lost because some will buy other iPhone models and just buy these iPhone models from Apple. resellers.

Last week, Qualcomm filed a collateral of 1.34 billion to secure the end of the commercialization of such devices in Germany; Apple is also turning to.

via 9to5Mac