German court dismisses more Qualcomm lawsuits against Apple

German court dismisses more Qualcomm lawsuits against Apple

Following on the news about the legal fight between the Apple and the Qualcomm, the chip maker recently followed a revestrus of the accusations made against the Cupertino giant in Germany, as the Wall street journal.

More precisely, the Munich regional court rejected four of the eight lawsuits filed by Qualcomm against Ma, giving it another temporary victory. Among the dismissed cases, the San Diego company alleged that Siri and Spotlight's search capabilities infringed some of its patents.

The remaining four actions will still be considered by the German court, which also involve the same research resources as gadgets from Apple.

This is the second time that Qualcomm lawsuits against the iPhone maker are dropped in Germany this year; A few weeks ago, the Mannheim regional court dismissed another claim by the company as unfounded.

Apple issued a statement issued by CNBC, about the most recent decision, in which he states that he is "happy with the decision and thanks the court for its time and diligence."

Qualcomm requires fine

To try to recover the damage, Qualcomm filed a lawsuit with the German court to fine Apple for not ending imports of iPhones in the country last December, when a German court ruled to ban and end sales of iPhones 7 and 8 in the United States. Apple stores.

In addition to the imports, the chipmaker said that Apple has not properly collected retail devices and that some devices have been available at Apple Stores since the beginning of the year, the company said. Bloomberg. Still for Qualcomm, Apple "intentionally defies the court order by not being bound by the injunction."

At that time, Apple said that although the models of iPhones in question were not available for purchase at their own retail stores, they would be for sale at carrier and third-party retailer stores – not for lack of communication that Qualcomm is running. behind Ma.

The amount of the fine required by Qualcomm has not been disclosed (only that it must be “significant”). At the beginning of last month, the company deposited 1.34 billion to ban these devices from Germany; therefore, the amount must be equivalent (if not the largest) to the company's security.