German couple sells son on eBay

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German authorities are investigating a couple who put their eight-month-old son up for sale on eBay. Several users of the auction channel contacted the police after observing an offer on the platform with the title «Seeing my almost young son because he cries too much. Man, 70 cm tall». The initial bid price was one euro.

According to the German press, there were no attempts to purchase during the two hours the baby was «for sale» online.

The child’s mother, a 23-year-old girl, says the ad on eBay «was just a joke» and that she just wanted to see if anyone would make an offer «.

The game was expensive for the parents, who saw the child being taken provisionally to a hospital and will have to undergo several psychiatric tests over the next few weeks.

Renee Beck, a spokesman for the German police in the city of Krumbach, says the case is still under investigation «for suspected child trafficking».

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