German authorities discover pedophile network with 12,000 suspects

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

German authorities are investigating a network online child pornography formed by nearly 12,000 suspects and with a presence in over 70 countries. Considered one of the largest investigations carried out in Germany, the operation has already led to the seizure of various contents and the identification of 2,000 suspects in two different German regions.

The ¬ęHimmel¬Ľ investigation has been going on for several months in Germany and, according to the local press, was started after an Internet service operator discovered the traffic of illicit data. After the discovery was denounced, it was found that these data represented access to a child pornography portal with links from around the world.

Just last week the Spanish police dismantled a pedophile network that operated online. In the operation, large quantities of pornographic material in circulation were seized, with one of the contents to be distributed with the title of cartoons.

In addition to operating in Spain, the authorities went further and detected the presence of members of the network in the United States, New Zealand and, as is happening now, in Germany. In the end, 63 individuals were arrested, and in the first phase four Russian pedophiles were arrested in locations on the east coast of the Mediterranean, accused of having received more than 200,000 euros, money that would later be sent to their country of origin.

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