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Who was Georgios Papanikolaou?

Papanikolaou was born in Evia, a Greek island, on May 13, 1883. He initially intended to pursue a career in music or some human area, but eventually decided to become a doctor under the influence of his father. The Pap smear was developed in the United States after immigrating to the country with his wife, Andromachi Mavroyenis, in 1913.

The couple struggled with the new no, but Papanikolaou was nominated for a research post at Cornell University in New York State. It was at this institution that, along with his wife, the doctor prepared the Pap smear. The method is capable of detecting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or signs of cancer in the cervix in an inexpensive and affordable manner. Georgios Papanikolaou is considered the father of cytology (cell-studying science) for his work in diagnosing benign and malignant tumors.