Georgian government sites targeted by Russian attacks

بيتيا ، NotPetya ، GoldenEye.  لا يهم الاسم إلا أن الفيروس لا يزال يعيث فسادا

The conflicts experienced on the territory of Georgia – interrupted this morning by Russia – are also having an impact on virtual space, with hackers Russians blocking commercial and government websites with a .ge extension. As a preventive measure, the country has already deactivated banking online and migrated several sites to North American servers, reports the international press.

Since the weekend, attacks began to be registered in a massive way, affecting a considerable number of pages that are no longer accessible to users in the Caucasus region, including those that serve as a bridge between the State and citizens. , as is the case with the Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Parliament websites.

Meanwhile, President Mikheil Saakashvili’s website has been moved to an American server after being the target of attacks in the past two days. A strategy that was not successful, since the Russian attacks continued to modify the contents of the pages, which became flooded with images that compared Mikheil Saakashvili to Adolf Hitler.

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