GeoCities officially closed

GeoCities officially closed

This Monday officially ends what was considered the first approach to the concept of social network. A warning from the home page from GeoCities indicates that user accounts are no longer available as of today.

Launched 10 years ago, Yahoo’s service presents itself as a kind of tool for creating personal pages organized by categories – such as sports, music, automobiles.

Hosting more than 3.5 million personal sites in the late 1990s, GeoCities ended up losing popularity with the arrival of the new generation of social sites, such as Facebook or MySpace.

The service no longer accepted new subscribers since last April, when Yahoo’s decision to close that space was known.

«We decided to discontinue the subscription of new users to GeoCities, because the goal is to help our customers explore and build new online relationships in other ways,» said the Internet giant when it announced the closure of the service.