General Motors bets on selling vehicles over the Internet

General Motors bets on selling vehicles over the Internet

The agreement announced last month by General Motors with is about to materialize. The auction site is the partner chosen for an experience that reinforces the American carmaker’s bet on the Internet.

GM had already revealed that it intended to make greater use of online platforms to sell and auction cars. The proposal should be implemented as of tomorrow through various websites for their car brands, created within the eBay network.

The initiative is experimental and limited in time but will have some dimension. It covers the entire State of California, although American customers of the manufacturer, residing in other states, can use the online communication channels that the platforms will provide to assess the possibility of buying a car or truck in their area of ​​residence, using the same conditions.

Buick, Chevrolet, GMC and Pontiac are the brands that now have addresses like through which the offer of each brand can be consulted, the prices, the characteristics of the vehicles and to communicate with the sellers of the 225 participating sales outlets. This way you can also request a credit simulation or offer to sell the old car. Cars for sale can be purchased at the advertised price or auctioned. In both cases they are picked up at the dealer.

Selling cars online is not new to eBay, which already maintains eBay Motors, an online market that sells mainly used cars and which will now also receive this experience. It is also nothing new for GM, which uses this same platform to sell used cars with warranty.

The main novelty is the direct sale, by the representatives, of new cars with a support of information and interactivity between a prospective customer and a better seller, on this scale. Some representatives of the GM brands already use the Internet channel for sales, but the partnership now places 225 of the 250 existing in the state to do so simultaneously, until September 8, reveals the Associated Press.

Further details of the partnership are yet to be revealed but some experts have already considered the agreement to be of great importance because it contributes to increasing consumer confidence in the online environment for this type of acquisition.