Geary Email Client is updated to version 3.32, same as Gnome

As said, Geary's main dev, Micheal Gratton, thought it best to make some changes to Geary's release schedule and also the numbering he uses. Now Geary will follow Gnome's releases (called Upstream Alignment), being released every 6 months. So now Geary changes from 0.13 to 3.32. Micheal gave the following statement:

From now on, we will seek to release feature news every six months, along with GNOME, including unstable releases that are numbered oddly, and tracking releases with bug fixes.

The visual changes from version 0.13 to 3.32 are very subtle, such as adapting to Gnome's new color scheme and icons, making it more harmonious with the rest of the interface.

But the big news is the change in how Geary will be distributed to Linux users. Before it was either via packaging your distribution (Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, openSUSE, Debian and the like) or via the project's official PPA. If you use this last method, don't worry, it will still continue to receive security updates and bug fixes. Now it will be distributed via Flatpak. That's right, Geary can now be downloaded and installed by this package. If you use Mint or any other distro that has Flatpak integrated, just go to your distro store and install it. If your distro doesn't have Flatpak enabled, stress free and panic (rs), we have a very cool article teaching you how to do this.

It works great with Outlook, Yahoo, and IMAP accounts. For those who need to use Gmail, the process is a little different, but nothing difficult. For those using Gnome and derived interfaces, simply login to Online Accounts and sign up for your Gmail account there, and follow the instructions that appear in the window. After that, Geary Pulls Gmail automatically.

As stated in Geary Help, it is still under development and so it may be that some features are missing, such as not having a close-down minimize or still using disconnected, nothing that may not come in future versions.

To download and install Geary via Flathub, you can access this link.

Hope to see you next, a big hug.

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