Gears of War 4 gets exciting trailer with Marcus Phoenix; Watch

Gears of War 4 ganha trailer emocionante com Marcus FĂȘnix; Assista

Gears 4 won an exciting trailer, to the sound of «Sound of Silence», where it shows Marcus FĂȘnix and his son JD FĂȘnix, in flashbacks of his childhood

Marcus Phoenix in Gears 4

Gears of War 4 won its first trailer during the premiere of the second season of Fear The Walking Dead. THE Microsoft and the game producer The Coalition, released the trailer online so we could all watch it.

The trailer intersperses childhood scenes from JD Fenix with your father, Marcus Phoenix, with moments from the present, where he is a hero of the coalition fighting hordes of Locusts. The video is packed to the sound of “Sound of Silence“, And it’s hard not to be moved. Check out:

A new saga begins for one of the most acclaimed franchises in history. After escaping an attack in his city, JD Fenix ​​and his friends – Kait and Del – must rescue their loved ones and discover the origin of the new monstrous enemy.

In Gears 4 Marcus Phoenix will be a legendary hero

In a small teaser released earlier, Marcus Phoenix will be treated like a legendary hero, nothing more deserved for a soldier who saved a planet three times, even with a statue of him erected.

The game should rescue the origins of the franchise, with a more brutal tone, with new gameplay, insane multiplayer and split-screen co-op campaign. He will be released day October 11 for Xbox one and Windows 10 (PRAÇA). It will have a multiplayer beta starting on April 18th for those who played «Gears of War: Ultimate Edition», and on April 24th, for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

Source: Comicbook