GearBest’s “singles day” brings a lot of promotions to you!


Here in Brazil we have Black Friday, a day where many discounts appear on all types of products, in China, companies ate the “11 of the 11” as the “Singles Day”With up to 70% of various products.

In general, Chinese stores can be much cheaper than the Brazilian trade, but the holiday (theirs) of 11 of 11 (November) manages to be up to 10 times greater than our Black Friday in terms of sales.

GearBest is one of the companies that has been supporting our development the most, both on the blog and on the Diolinux channel and it has unbelievable promotions (I’m really serious, I was impressed with the price of some items) for this occasion.

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For you to have an idea, the Xiaomi Mi 8, which usually costs more than 2 thousand reais, is leaving for less than R% 1,500! The Mega Notebook HUAWEI MateBook X Pro is with 4 thousand reais discount!

There are several input Smartphones (with much more powerful configurations than the input ones that are sold here) for less than R $ 400.00! It is really a discount party, if you were waiting for an opportunity to buy some product, it is worth taking a look.

Do you like surprises?

Another cool thing you find is the “Lucky Bags“After all, few things are as cool as opening gifts.

The «Lucky Bags», or «lucky bags», are surprise packages that you buy for very varied prices, some very low, others can be bigger.

All of them come with a product that you know what it is about and others that you have no idea and that are a surprise.

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Ah !! Do you like action figures like me? So stop by to see!

The special discounts of 11 of 11, of course, are for a limited time, probably GearBest will do more promotions until Black Friday, but we always kill an article on the blog with the best discount coupons they give us, just follow here and stay connected on our social networks.

Important warning!

On Black Friday we will do a live to search together for legal discounts, so stay tuned on our Twitch channel.

Happy shopping and see you soon!