GDiskDump – Clone disks, files and partitions with this graphical interface for the DD command


With the popularization of Linux it is natural for more lay users to use the system and these people do not usually like programs that are operated only by command lines, case of the powerful DD command, today we will know an interface for him called GDiskDump.

If you were looking for a graphical tool to clone partitions, disks or files, or a graphical interface for the DD command, GDiskDump is one of the best alternatives.


The operation is very simple, basically you must choose the file / partition / disk source it’s the destiny, in the best Next / Next / Finish style. But be careful, as this type of cloning completely erases the target drive, so always back up beforehand to ensure that there are no problems.

GDiskDump is available in a .deb package for you to easily install on Ubuntu and derivatives, such as Linux Mint, just download the button below:

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