Gboard stops working on Android phones after updating; understand

Gboard berhenti bekerja pada ponsel Android setelah memperbarui;  memahami

Gboard, Google’s mobile keyboard, stopped working after the latest app update for Android devices. According to reports by users on Twitter and in the comments section of the Play Store, Google’s app store, the keyboard started to display the message «Gboard continuously fails» on Monday (16), in addition to disappearing from the mobile screen. Due to the flaw, some users were unable to unlock the device with a password or use the keyboard to type in apps like WhatsApp.

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In a note to the dnetc, Google has reported that the issue is being resolved, and it affects phones running Android 7.1 or earlier editions of the system (see full note at the end of the story). The update with the bug solution number 8.9.14 was made available on Tuesday (17) and should arrive gradually for users through the Play Store. While the repair does not reach the cell phone, it is recommended to activate the device’s native keyboard, or to use alternative apps.

1 of 2 Gboard keyboard fails after updating – Photo: Paulo Alves / dnetc

Gboard keyboard fails after updating – Photo: Paulo Alves / dnetc

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The update that caused the Gboard bug on Android was released to users last Wednesday (11). The crash, which has lasted more than 24 hours, has hit devices running Android 7.1 or earlier. According to the system’s distribution panel, this is equivalent to about 61.3% of Google’s OS users.

In the past few days, the app’s comments page on the Play Store recorded an increase in reports of keyboard malfunctions on the cell phone. The most common complaints described error messages like «Gboard has stopped working» and «Gboard crashes continuously».

When you tap a field to type something, the Google keyboard locks up and cannot be used until it shows the failure alert. In other cases, Gboard does not charge and does not appear on the phone, which prevented many users from unlocking the device, as it prevented them from entering a password on the lock screen.

How to resolve Gboard failure

According to Google Trends, a Google search monitoring tool, the search for Gboard on the last day records questions such as «gboard app stopped what to do», «gboard crashes how to solve» and «gboard app crashed». According to Google’s statement, a new update was released for the app on Tuesday (17) to resolve the error on the keyboard.

Therefore, it is recommended to update the application as soon as the update is available (learn how to update apps on Android phone). Google also advises restarting the phone to confirm that the fault has been resolved.

2 of 2 Access the properties of the app to force the stop – Photo: Reproduction / Helito Beggiora

Access the properties of the app to force the stop – Photo: Reproduction / Helito Beggiora

While the update is not available for your device, it is possible to use some alternatives. The «force stop» application option helps prevent error messages from Gboard. It is also advisable to use the native keyboard of the mobile system, if you do not prefer to download more apps.

The Play Store also offers other keyboard options to use while Gboard is not updating. It is possible to download applications from the computer to use on the cell phone, if the user cannot use the keyboard directly on the device. Another alternative is to use the system dictation function, to say out loud what you want to type.

«We are aware of a flaw in a recent update for Gboard users on Android 7.1 and earlier that caused the keyboard to malfunction. We are already correcting the problem. For most people, the app will be updated automatically. For some users, it may be necessary to restart the device for the update to work. »

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