Gboard now guess what GIFs and stickers you want to send

Gboard sekarang tebak GIF dan stiker apa yang ingin Anda kirim

There are many famous keyboard apps for Android, but the appeal of Gboard is undeniable. Google’s official app, it proves to be a great option for those who don’t want the device’s native keyboard or got tired of others like SwiftKey. Big G doesn’t stop and is bringing yet another major update to Gboard.

Gboard: GIFs and stickers suggestions – all versions

Using its knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Google has implemented on its keyboard some features that will help those who love to express themselves through stickers and animations. The company announced today that all Android users will have access to a predictive system in conversations.

gboard ai

We already made it work on Pixel 2, in English / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

When you say you’re happy, for example, the keyboard will replace the Google logo with a GIF button. Touching it, you will see the app’s suggestions for the word happy. And that goes not only for GIFs, but also for emojis and stickers in the app.

For now, the novelty arrived only in English, but will soon be available for other languages. In addition, the app has just been expanded to 37 new languages, such as some Arabic and several country-specific dialects such as Russia, the United States, Greece, Albania and others.

gif predition google

How the system works / © Google

Gboard: Anonymous typing mode – version 6.4.11

This option is still somewhat restricted, since you can only use it in Chrome when an anonymous tab is open in the browser. That way, Gboard will not save any words, phrases, numbers or anything else you have typed on the keyboard. It is possible that support for anonymous typing mode will be extended to other apps, but for now it only works in the Google browser.

gboard anonymous mode download

Anonymous typing mode and new organization for Gboard themes / © AndroidPIT

Now you can also see the keyboard size in real time, that is, when accessing the settings and choosing to resize the keyboard, it will be possible to have a preview of the size of the keys and letters. The themes section has also been reformulated and offers more options for grid customization.

Gboard: Suggestions for GIFs and panel for formatting – version 6.2.18

Gboard arrives at version 6.2 bringing some very interesting news, such as a cursor that helps the user to format texts. A second feature can make those using smartphones with large screens, since it is now possible to change the position of the keyboard in several ways, and not just to the right or left.

The previous version had optimized the integration with GIF services, and now the user can get GIF suggestions in his messages. Just leave the GIF option open while you type some text. It is worth remembering that the recognition will depend on the service used, since many GIFs are named in English.


New layout positions, formatting cursor and new commands / © Android Central

Gboard: Simultaneous translation – version 6.1.71

To start using the feature, just touch the ‘G’ icon, then «Translator» and the message will be converted to another language in real time. In addition, the application also has a text box in the quick access menu that allows you to copy and paste texts in other languages ​​and have the message converted to the language itself. What to think about, right?

gboard update translation

Gboard already offers simultaneous translation / © AndroidPIT

What is Gboard?

As the name more or less explains, Gboard is a mix of Google search and a keyboard (keyboard in English). The idea is to facilitate the sending of information when writing an SMS or in the middle of a conversation on WhatsApp. So, so that you don’t have to leave the app to search for a place, or even leave the app using Google Now One Touch, just click on this search engine icon, located at the top left of the keyboard.

Google brought the search engine into the keyboard

androidpit gboard on ios 4

Clicking on the «G» with the colors of the rainbow you have the functions of the Google searcher in seconds / © AndroidPIT

Yes, clearly Google brought the searcher into the keyboard and, just like we have in Allo, the BIG G instant messaging application, you can use the Google search engine within any other app.

androidpit gboard on ios 2

Using Gboard you can send images quickly and without leaving the app / © AndroidPIT

However, regardless of what Google is interested in doing when bringing the search button into the smartphone’s keyboard, the convenience of having the world’s largest search engine on the keyboard can help a lot in everyday actions.

How to download Gboard on your Android?

Gboard replaces the «Google Keyboard» app, because after all, the search giant does not need two apps with practically the same functions. To start using it, you can download or update the app from the Google Play Store:

Gboard – the Google KeyboardInstall on Google Play

The Gboard APK is now available through APKMirror. So, if you want to start testing the news, just download the Gboard APK and install the app on your Android. To do this, you will need to activate the «unknown sources» permission by accessing Settings> Security> Device administration.

androidpit gboard on ios 3

Want to be funny? Send gifs as if by magic / © AndroidPIT

So, which Gboard feature do you like best?

The purpose of this article is to gather all information about Gboard updates, the Google keyboard for Android, in one place. Thus, the updating and republication of this matter will become necessary over time.

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