Gboard for Android gets suggestions for GIFs and emojis

Gboard can soon make automatic responses

Google has announced that Gboard for Android users will now receive suggestions for GIFs and emojis as they type on the virtual keyboard.

ā€œNow, as you type, youā€™ll see emojis and GIFs in the suggestion banner to help you express yourself in new (and more fun!) Ways. You can share GIFs in compatible applications, such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Hangouts and Allo ā€, published the company.

Gboard for Android

The company also improved voice typing by enabling functionality within the virtual keyboard, working seamlessly on the keyboard and without removing regular typing from the screen.

Another novelty of the version is the automatic correction by streaming that observes the context of the message and adjusts the last two words.

The company had already announced, earlier this week, the integration of Gboard with Google Translate.