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Gatwick Airport will spend $ 35 million for drone security

O Gatwick Airport It will invest 7.2 million as part of its efforts to prevent disruptions caused by drones flying unevenly in its airspace.


About 140,000 people have delayed or canceled flights because of alleged gadget

The information comes from the site WeTalkUAV, which says the equipment is part of a security technology update from the company that looks after the site. This includes signal blockers and devices that disable distance drones.

Still according to the news, other airports around the world are following the confusion that happened in the England and considering making similar investments.

Meanwhile, the couple who had been detained on suspicion of illegally flying the drone through the airport were released after filing a solid libi. They were in police custody for a period of 35 hours.

Nevertheless, no charges were formally filed against them, who were a 47-year-old man and a 54-year-old woman.

The officers of Sussex, where the airport is located, are still not sure that a drone actually flew around the region at that time.

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