Gates returns to lead mega-fortunes

بيل غيتس (أغنى مرة) في الولايات المتحدة

Bill Gates regained leadership of the world’s richest list, according to Forbes. The founder of Microsoft, which last year ranked third, managed to overtake investor Warren Buffett, who has now been placed in second place.

According to the magazine, the richest people in the world have not gone unpunished by the financial crisis that is being felt all over the world, seeing their fortunes decrease considerably.

The fortunes of the 10 richest men in the world add up to $ 254 billion – compared to 426 billion recorded last year.

Despite losing $ 18 billion in the past year, Gates now has an accumulated fortune of $ 40 billion.

Warren Buffett, with $ 37 billion, saw his bank account drop by $ 25 billion.

With an equal loss of $ 25 billion, Mexican telecommunications magnate Carlos Slim ranks third, with a fortune of $ 35 billion.