Gates remains America’s richest… Zuckerberg is on his way

بيل غيتس (أغنى مرة) في الولايات المتحدة

Unsurprisingly, Bill Gates returns this year to top the list of America’s richest. The Microsoft boss has a fortune estimated at $ 54 billion, about double the assets attributable to Larry Elllison, the second technology boss named on the United States’ richest list. Between the two is Warren Buffett, with a fortune valued at $ 45 billion, according to the Forbes list.

It is recalled that in March of this year Gates lost the title of richest man in the world to the Mexican Carlos Slim, but the descent did not affect his leadership in the American top. In this domestic assessment, there is moreover a strengthening of the position, with the 4 billion dollars that the personal fortune of the founder of Microsoft grew between the elaboration of the two rankings.

Outside the top places of the ranking, but on the rise, is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, who has more than tripled his fortune in the past year to $ 6.9 billion. Zuckerberg, aged 26, now ranks 35th on the table.

Other names of the technology featured in this list are the founders of Google, who hold the 11th position on the table, Larry Page and Sergey Brin with fortunes valued at $ 15 billion. Both have already surpassed names like Michael Dell, founder of Dell, Steve Ballmer or Paul Allen, executive chairman and co-founder of Microsoft, respectively, who are between 15th and 17th in the table.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s boss, comes in 42nd on the table with a fortune estimated at $ 6.1 billion.

In the list of the 400 richest in America, Forbes identified a rise in the total value of fortunes accounted for by 8 percent to $ 1.37 billion. More than half of those targeted by the magazine that annually counts «the notes» of the richest increased their fortunes between last year and this year.