Gartner: Apple was the only one among the major computer manufacturers to increase sales last year so far

Gartner predicts boom in PC sales this year; tablets could reach 10.5 million units

Research firm Gartner today released new forecasts for the PC market in 2010, estimating that sales may total 366.1 million units 19.7% more than last year. Consumer spending is expected to grow 12.2% this year, reaching $ 245 billion.

For Gartner analysts, handheld PCs will account for 90% of the growth in the market within the next three years. In 2009, they represented 55% of sales; by 2012, it should already reach 70%.

Considering the tablet segment as a whole, Gartner estimates a total of 10.5 million units sold in 2010. What will be the share of Apple (iPad) in this total? For Gartner, probably quite significant:

Apple's announcement about the iPad has created many discussions in the market about opportunities for traditional tablet PCs and the next generation of tablet devices, such as the iPad.

(via Electronist)