Gartner Doubles IT Investment Break Estimates

Gartner Doubles IT Investment Break Estimates

Gartner’s June figures double the estimated IT investment drop, confirming the expected recession in company investments, as a result of the economic crisis but also of currency fluctuations.

The consultant now advances that this year should spend 2 billion dollars less, a drop of 6%. Gartner’s initial forecast for this year already pointed to a fall in investment, but more modest, of only 3.8%, a figure advanced in March.

Investment in IT is expected to reach US $ 3.2 billion this year, compared to 3.4 billion in 2008. Last year, the sector grew by 6.2% compared to 2007, but the outlook is now more bleak.

The falls are not only felt in the investment of companies but also of individuals, with the confidence index below. The purchase of hardware is the one that shows the greatest decrease, with falls that amount to 16.3%, although software, IT services and telecommunications also do not escape the black scenario.

The consultant notes that even in 2001, the fall was not homogeneous in the four sectors monitored in this analysis, which gives this crisis new contours.

Despite these figures, Gartner believes that in 2010 IT investments will recover, but slowly. The investment is expected to increase 2.3% next year with the increase in the confidence of companies and individuals.