Gartner declares Blu-ray winner in the fight for high-definition formats

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2008 may be the year in which one of the new high definition formats is consolidated in the market.

In this case, and in the opinion of Gartner, the fight will be won by Blu-ray.

A study by the consultant indicates that the Toshiba-sponsored format, HD-DVD, will not go far and, most likely, is to reach the end of 2008 completely out of the race.

The forecast is made based on the number of films to be made available in both formats over the course of this year and takes into account the different movements of the film studios in terms of support for the formats.

In the opinion of Gartner, HD-DVD could remain in a good position in terms of sales for some time, thanks to Toshiba’s strategy, with the cut in equipment prices, but it will not be enough.

This is because Hollywood studios are turning their attention to Blu-ray.

Currently, Sony’s format has twice the support of HD-DVD.

Supporting Blu-ray includes Sony Pictures, Buena Vista, 20th Century Fox, MGM, Lionsgate and Warner Bros., while HD-DVD is supported only by Paramount and Universal.

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