Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Gartner analysts predict «ruin» of Microsoft products

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Michael Silver and Neil MacDonald, analysts at Gartner, said yesterday at a conference in Las Vegas that Microsoft’s Windows products are «crumbling» and need to be radically changed or replaced before they become outdated.

Both specifically pointed out that the rate of adoption of these products by companies was increasingly slower – 6 percent to date in the case of Vista – and the fact that the base code for operating systems expands, making it impossible to quickly create a new version Windows with significant changes, cited several international media.

In the experts’ opinion, this was a focal point that marked Vista’s «decline». Consumers waited too long before they got a new version of the system after XP left and now they can’t find a reason strong enough to abandon the software that they already have for a more expensive one and that requires more of their computers. The tendency is that they wait for the arrival of Windows 7.

For most early adopters, Microsoft’s browser is the only product that maintains its prominence and popularity, analysts said, stressing the fact that the remaining products lose prominence given the appearance of alternative applications such as those offered by Google Docs, which competes directly with Office.

Microsoft invoices billions of dollars annually for sales of its products. From Windows alone, annual revenues reach 15 billion dollars a year, while products like Office and Exchange Server generated 16 billion dollars last year.

According to the experts ‘accounts, these figures represent 60 percent of Microsoft’s total revenue, meaning that without these products, the company «would not be viable». For now, the only question that was left hanging during the members’ presentation from Gartner was not «what can Microsoft do to renew its products?» but rather «even if Windows and Office were perfect, would it be enough to keep Microsoft in a stable position?»

To improve the situation for Microsoft, Michael Silver and Neil MacDonald suggest that the company should bet on factors that are really decisive to win over the public, including advanced security capabilities, making migration between versions easier and simplifying the equipment licensing strategy. specifics.

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