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Garmin lana Edge 520 Plus Cyclist GPS with Connected Tracking Technologies

THE Garmin is announcing the release of the Edge 520 Plus, new version of his popular GPS for cyclists that comes with some extra monitoring and interactivity features. The company calls its gadget a "computer", and the Edge 520 Plus is an incremental version of the Edge 520, which was already being sold before.

"The Edge 520 is one of our top selling personal computers, so we want to have something our consumers know and love so they can improve. Thus, some of the navigation and safety features, available only on our most advanced models such as cyclist to cyclist messaging, incident detection, etc., are now integrated into the Edge 520 Plus."Daniele Rocha, Business Development Manager at Garmin Brasil

The new gadget was announced at the suggested price of R $ 1,999.00 and features such as pre-departure commute, an incident detector that can automatically send a distress call to registered emergency contacts, and access to Garmin's Trendline, which helps cyclists choose popular routes on roads, mountains , etc.

The Edge 520 Plus is also meant for cyclists to text each other, but devices need to be compatible. It works with Edge 820 and Edge 1030.

In addition to the features listed here and many others (complete list on the official website), you can also purchase the Edge 520 Plus in a kit that comes with a heart rate strap and speed and cadence sensors. The bundle goes out by R $ 2,399.00.

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