Garmin app: amazing features to satisfy users

While, a few years ago, athletes and physical educators counted and recorded the time of activities in notes made with paper and pen or even with the use of a few simple stopwatches, currently, companies focused on technology, such as the American company, Garmin Ltd, changed this scenario and make incredible monitoring products.

In addition to producing exclusive and modern items for all tastes and styles, this brand launched the Garmin App, a fundamental application for the daily lives of all users who want to receive details about the exercises practiced. Learn more about this innovation now:

As you already know, our goal in each published article is to offer as much information as possible on the topic covered. Therefore, in the text below, we have gathered everything you need to know about the Garmin App or Garmin Connect Mobile.

After all, we know that, daily, you are bombarded with news and announcements of new applications and technological functions and, therefore, in view of so many options, you need to select the ones that best meet your needs, don’t you think?

And to start, check out the list with the main strengths and weaknesses of this application:


  • There is no need to pay to use its functions because it is completely free;
  • In order to facilitate the use and ensure a good experience for the user, the application was developed with an intuitive interface;
  • In the first accesses, the user finds several functions;
  • It is possible to understand all the instructions and the operating mode, just define Portuguese as the main language.

Negative points

According to the research carried out, the main criticism of users is based only on the exclusivity of this app, that is, what they wanted is for the system to also be available on other devices; however, in order to take advantage of its possibilities, it is required that the Garmin App be installed in a Garmin branded product.

The application makes indications and displays the measured records, such as distance traveled, time spent and total calories burned, during physical activities practiced by users,

All descriptions are sent and recorded in a simple, fast and efficient way based on the data that the tracking devices provide;

  • Activity cards are provided with all the user’s vital health statistics;
  • It is possible to compare the current results with the past – great option for those who are always evaluating themselves and want to achieve the best time and result;
  • By using the feature called LiveTrack, the user can share his training in time with his friends and family;
  • Since its launch, the app has undergone some updates, among them, the most attractive happened in 2015, when a more modern and colorful look was displayed alongside the possibility of customization of the interface, that is, today, it is possible that the user create an interface according to your preferences;
  • Another feature also highly praised by users is the possibility to follow weather forecasts and receive notifications of voice calls and text messages received on the device that is synchronized.

And if now that you know more about the Garmin app, you want to join thousands of users and further improve your physical activities with the help of the system created by its creators, just access the link below, start the download and follow the instructions:

Did you see how it is possible to unite technology and health? Just choose the app that best matches your pace and use (and abuse!) Its functions, after all, by clicking to download a program like the Garmin app, you also accept more health and quality of life – and here among us, who doesn’t dream of winning the benefits of this duo?