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Garmin Announces Stereo Active, Speaker That Can Be Submerged In Water

THE Garmin announced the speaker Stereo Active, model suitable for those who want to bring the gadget for water activities. The portable speaker promises long battery life and can be submerged for 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1 meter.

Stereo Active has an IPX 7 waterproof housing. The body of the device is floating, so if it falls into the water it will float if the user does not force it down. Garmin has also launched Active Safe, a waterproof storage container designed for smartphones, keys and documents. Like the speaker, the product is also waterproof.

Stereo Active can be attached to various surfaces and also has a frame for action cameras such as GoPro. Its functions include easy access buttons and Bluetooth and USB connections. Functions such as turning up the volume or switching tracks can also be accessed through the FUSION-Link application or Garmin smartwatch.

The speaker can be paired with Android, iPhone, or Weatherband devices. The device will be available for purchase in Brazil in April. The speaker comes in three colors with UV, red, white and blue protection, with a suggested retail price of R $ 1,599.00.