Garena announces that Free Fire will premiere tomorrow an event dedicated to Ragnarok Online

Source: GarenaSource: Garena

It was recently announced by publisher Garena that the Battle Royale game, Free Fire, will debut tomorrow (13) a Ragnarok Online themed event.

According to the information released, the new campaign will feature skins and exclusive items based on the famous RPG, which was developed by the South Korean studio Gravity Corp.

At the time that the MMORPG was launched, the game was so successful that it was one of the first to be well accepted in other countries, including Brazil, where there were national servers, payment in reais and official translation into Portuguese.

During the new campaign, players will be able to have fun with Poring

During the celebratory campaign of Ragnarok Online, players can, for example, have fun again with the pet called Poring, the Happy mask and skins of characters like Algoz Celestial and Algoz Cado.

It will be quite a nostalgia for fans of the Role-playing game.

It is important to note that there will be some items that will be charged to be purchased, but we will also have others that will be made available free of charge.

Throughout the event, players will have the chance to get a Poring hat.

To achieve this, it is enough for the player to invite someone who does not know Free Fire or has not played recently.

This item based on the pink monster from Ragnarok Online, has a rounded shape, as if it were a bubble and is known for being one of the first creatures to come into contact with the player, since he is so famous, as it marks the beginning of the saga of users of the game.

Poring hat on Free Fire. </p><p>Source: GarenaPoring hat on Free Fire.

Source: Garena

This is one of the few times that Free Fire has an event based on another game, because on other occasions, the themes are based on festive dates such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, among others.

It was not mentioned by Garena until when the event lasts, so enjoy!

Source: Garena Free Fire

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