GarageBand 2.3 for iOS adds support for iPhone X, Sound Library and more

After being forced to admit that, after the first update to iOS 11, the app GarageBand went through some problems, Apple today announced the newest version of the app.

O GarageBand 2.3 for iOS brings, among several new features, support for the iPhone X OLED Super Retina screen, a Sound Library, which allows users to download more instruments, loops, free sound packs and many other elements.

GarageBand 2.3 Sound Library

GarageBand app icon

Here's the changelog complete:

  • Upgraded to the iPhone X Super Retina display;
  • Use the new Sound Library to download more instruments, loops and free sound packs;
  • Add three Drummers who play percussion in the Pop, Composer and Latino styles *;
  • Use traditional instruments from China and Japan, including Guzheng, Koto and drum Taiko to play and record *;
  • Build takes inspired by classic electronic drums with the Beat Sequencer;
  • Support for expanded sharing and storage options with the Archives app on iOS 11;
  • Enables a broader view of Extensions Audio Unit compatible instruments and effects of third parties;
  • Recording, mixing and exporting music can be done in 24-bit audio resolution;
  • Includes iMessage sticker pack that adds GarageBand instrument cones;
  • Provides stability improvements and bug fixes.

(*) Requires free download from the GarageBand Sound Library.

Specifically regarding the new Library, Apple explained that users will be able to preview the sounds and download free ones as they wish. In addition, it will be possible to receive alerts for new sounds whenever they are available.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Apple also updated the app Logic Remote 1.3.3 for iOS, also with some minor improvements.

  • Upgraded to the iPhone X Super Retina display;
  • Touch Instrument controls are now available on the iPhone, including guitar, bass, drums and chord bars;
  • Provides stability improvements and bug fixes.

Both applications can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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