Gap in the App Store system allows scams with fake apps

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This weekend, a fake app was ranked 3rd on the Brazilian bestseller list on the App Store. With the name of Mortal Kombat (a popular video game from the 90s), the app is not what it promises in the store description.

Costing $ 0.99, the alleged game shows screenshots alluding to the real game, but after purchased, the consumer ends up realizing that it is just a silly set of keys. The intention of the developer is clearly to steal less attentive users.

The name of the developer is oriental (Anh Nguyen Thi Ngoc), which is becoming typical in this type of deception. It takes advantage of the fact that the authentic Mortal Combat game (licensed and made available by EA Games) is not available in Brazil, because of the indicative rating for more violent titles. As a result, less attentive users end up buying on impulse when they discover that it would already be available.

But how does Apple miss this kind of app that steals users?Simple, she doesn’t let it. What happens is that some scoundrels have discovered a loophole in the App Store that allows the coup.

In this case here, the application sent for approval was not “Mortal Kombat”, but any game, simple and silly, with another name and images. Once approved by Apple, you can change the title and images of the application to whatever you want, and this is used by unscrupulous developers to steal customers.

What Apple needs to do is to urgently change the editing system in the app’s information, no longer allowing it to be changed so easily. Of course, this directly harms honest and authentic developers, but unfortunately this type of scam must come to an end, in order not to harm even more users and undermine the credibility of the store.

On Google Play (Android app store), this type of deception also happens. Yesterday it was discovered that a fake developer was impersonating “Apple Inc” to sell Android versions of iPhoto, Numbers, Garageband and others. Fortunately, Google has already taken everyone down.

If you have been cheated and bought this or any other fake app, you have the right to ask for a refund of your money. Follow our tutorial to learn how.

Apple needs to take urgent action against this type of scam. Let’s hope that happens soon.

Crhistian Pinto tip