Gangnam Style, the most watched video in YouTube history


And Justin Bieber is no longer the strongest name on YouTube. South Korean rapper Psy achieved a really incredible feat: he made his epic video “Gangnam Style” as the most watched video in YouTube history.

Not to mention the countless parodies, live shows and partnership with the also South Korean singer Hyuna, the song Gangnam Style already has more than 823 million views on YouTube in just 4 months of existence.

According to Kevin Allocca, YouTube’s trend manager, the Gangnam Style video is still being watched 7-10 million times a day, a global success unlike anything Google has ever looked into.

In September, Psy had already put his name in the record book, the Guinness Book, by obtaining more than 2.2 million clicked on the “liked” button, breaking the 1.5 million mark achieved by the LMFAO group, author of “Party Anthem Rock”.

If you haven’t watched the Gangnam Style video, you can check it out below: