GAN points out solutions to the great challenges of the Information Economy

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After APDSI identified in a recent study the 60 challenges posed by the so-called «Economy of Innovation», GAN highlighted seven that it considers to be of the greatest importance for the construction and functioning of the Information Society in Portugal, advancing with the respective recommendations.

Among the challenges pointed out by GAN, in what is its sixth position since it was created, there is the recognition of the economic value of information and the promotion of the capacity to build and manage information systems, the problem of digital discrimination and the promoting the qualification of economic agents.

Investing in ICT, creating jobs suitable for IS and preparing SMEs are also challenges posed by the Information Economy. Improving the governance of Public Administration appears as the last challenge among the seven highlighted by the group.

«It is a set of challenges that must be overcome under the risk of suffering serious consequences», said José Dias Coelho, president of APDSI and member of the High Level Group, during the presentation of the position statement. To address these issues, GAN considers that the promotion of knowledge about the information economy and about the construction and management of information systems should be promoted in a structured and systematic way, as well as the qualification of economic agents to avoid discrimination and info-exclusion.

Another important measure will be an increase in investment in ICT and the creation of new value chains and new jobs required by the information economy.

GAN also advises greater attention to the SME adaptation effort, which should be further supported, and to the need to improve the governance of Public Administration, namely the management of investment in ICT.

«This is a task that belongs to the entire Civil Society and not only to the political leaders», stressed José Gomes de Almeida, a member of GAN. «Responsible companies, organizations, should also take these recommendations into account, he appealed.

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