GAN evaluates Citizen Card in proof of concept as «globally positive»

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Despite considering the Government’s initiative to be globally positive, the High Level Group (GAN) of the Association for the Promotion and Development of the Information Society (APDSI) thinks that the Citizen Card, in the proof of concept stage it is in, it should guarantee greater clarity in some aspects, namely in terms of objectives and risk assessment.

On the theme chosen for its second public position, the group also points out the lack of guarantee of «traceability» of the operations and the «auditability» of the system by external entities. «This is one of the most important issues to be guaranteed in a project of this nature to ensure the ‘reliability’ of it,» defended JosĂ© Tribolet, one of the 15 members that make up GAN, during a press conference, late this morning.

Such guarantees directly imply another point of reflection left by GAN, that of citizen protection, which will be increasingly difficult to ensure, as the Card evolves and extends its scope, considers the GAN.

Another aspect that, according to the APDSI group, does not seem to be properly considered in the Citizen Card is related to the opportunities for public-private partnerships. «Such a large public investment should not be exhausted in the ‘reengineering’ of Public Administration, but should be a lever for the use and dissemination of information and communication technologies in the different sectors of the economy and society», said Pedro Souto, another of GAN members, adding that public investments should also be thought of in terms of «brainware».

The revision of the legislative production process, the definition of a governance model, the guarantee of changes in scale of the model and the adoption of various technologies so as not to «reduce degrees of freedom in the future or create unnecessary dependencies» are the rest advice left by the APDSI High Level Group to the Government regarding the Citizen Card project.

«Our position is highly constructive, since we see the Citizen’s Card as a globally positive initiative. But the project is so relevant that we wanted to draw attention to some aspects that may have been a little overlooked in its design», explained JosĂ© Dias Coelho, president of APDSI and also a member of GAN.

The High Level Group was created in October 2005 with the mission of providing APDSI with a qualitative and quantitative assessment of government action in the IS area. The first position taken, made known in January, dealing with the Technological Plan. The group’s objective is to periodically produce an analysis document on «a topic of national interest, pertinent, current and relevant in relation to the Information Society», it says in its statutes.

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