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Gaming Guide # 1 – Wiimote with Android Smartphone or Tablet

The Android games have experienced ups and downs over the last three years. While graphics and even processor performance have significantly improved, controls, in turn, remain limited. One possible solution to such a problem is to attach a joystick, like a Wiimote, to the smartphone. And this solution we will talk about today. In the first part of our "Gaming Guide" series, we want to show you how to use a Wii controller with your Android games.

Rather, a note: For those who don't have a high-end device, don't worry: you won't have to root the device or even have a version of Android greater than 2.3. And all we are going to suggest goes for both smartphones and tablets. The best comes yet: you can use nunchunk (the second part of a Wiimote). And believe me: play Shadowgun with a Wiimote and a really cool nunchunk.

Here's what you need to have:

1. A compatible deviceAs much as Wiimote works on smartphones or tablets, not all devices are compatible with the joystick. For non-compatible devices you can root. For others, it will not be necessary. Check this list for your Wiimote compatible device. If you can't find your phone in the list, try downloading the app anyway and see if it works. It's free!

2. A Wii-motto

Steps to connect Wiimote to your device 1. Download and install the Wiimote controller app.2. Launch the Wiimote controller application and enable it in the language and keyboard settings.

3. Enable bluetooth from your Android device.

4. Press buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously on your Wiimote to turn it on.

5. In the Wiimote controller app of your Android device, choose "1. Start and connect"

You can already see that the Wiimote Controller app looks for the signal.

Press one of your joystick buttons to check if your Android device has recognized it. The application logs the connection, as shown in the example below:

6. Now you have nothing more to do than save Wiimote as the default control of your device. To do this, click on "2. Select WiicontrollerIME"

You can play now and better: you don't have to repeat the above operation. Do not forget to disable the connection or disconnect your bluetooth. Otherwise you will have problems with the battery, which will discharge faster.

Game Tips In every game that gets interesting if played with Wiimote. Our newsroom decided to make an overview of the best games with Wiimote. Follow below:

Shine runner

Riptide GP

Radiant HD

Meganoid free

Serious Digger

Reckless Racing and Reckless Getaway


Shadow gun

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