Games: Worms for Android

Games: Worms para Android

This is one of the most exciting news I have ever received from EA Mobile.

For those who live in the caves, or who didn’t have a PC, or who for some reason don’t know Worms a brief description: You control a team of worms, and you have to destroy the other team. But it wasn’t just the idea that gave Worms all the repercussions it has today. There’s also the fun of Multiplayer, of the earthworms screaming “Idiot!” when playing in Portuguese, and teaser videos. Anyway the game is very good, and had several versions. And games that were based on it, like Gunbound. Watch a teaser video after the break.

This is one of Worms’ wonderful videos. But I’m not here to talk about PC Worms anyway. In one of the latest news from EA Mobile we have several games that they are bringing to Android, and Worms is one of them. Direct from source (translated):

On Worms ™

Like the original, one of Worms’ award-winning turn-based strategy games comes to Android devices. Turning 15 this year, Worms for Android will offer cartoon-style visuals and fun audio, 50 challenges with items to unlock, support for custom music (??) and 26 weapons and utilities.

This is wonderful. I remember when I was playing Worms at SENAI, on a Motorola E1, in the middle of the class, on 4 people. Too much fun!

I tested it on a Milestone 1, but it doesn’t work well. It keeps closing on its own, and we think it’s something with ShadowModBR. Erick Xavier tested with MIUI and it works very well, as well as the people who have Galaxy S also said it works. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on the Galaxy Tab (and they explained that it’s EA’s fault). Now to explain why it doesn’t work on Milestone, it’s because the game is not yet on the Market. So we are running something not «officially». But in some places they can already find the apk, and install without problems. Then just wait and download the data (like most EA games), and have fun.

By decreasing the time to search for the apk, you can get it here. Just install normally. But don’t tell anyone where you got it huh ?. Below is a video of him running on a Nexus One. I can’t wait for him to officially hit the Market. Even more with these promotions from EA that had games for 1 dollar.

Via EuAndroid, EA