Games tax reduction approval wins first Senate victory

Aprovação para redução dos impostos nos games ganha primeira vitória no Senado

Senator Telmário Mota’s report proposes to reduce taxes on games from the current 72% to 9%.

It was approved at Senate this last Thursday (14), within the Commission on Human Rights and Participatory Legislation (HRC) the senator’s report Telmário Mota (PTB-RR) in favor of the legislative suggestion (SUG) 15/2017, which reduces taxes on games in Brazil, which currently have 72% charges going to 9%.

This novelty does not mean that video games will suddenly be more important. There is still a long way to go. Since it has become a PEC (Constitutional Amendment Proposal), the text must now be approved and have to seek formal support from 27 other senators to move the idea forward.

What comes next?

Gaining the necessary support, parliamentarians must subsequently put the agenda for discussion in the plenary, where a vote will be made to amend the constitution that calls for a reduction in taxes on video games. This is the most complicated stage, as political support is needed for the PEC to get more supporters.

“Suggestion nº 15, of 2017, resulting from Legislative Idea nº 73,119, in summary, proposes to reduce the tax burden on electronic games. According to its proponent, currently the tax burden on games is 72%, one of the largest in the world, which discourages the purchase of original games and their production in the country. The author also adds that, currently, in the United States United, the tax burden on games is only 9%, which makes that country the largest market in the world in the segment.

Finally, he says that if the project in the intended sense is approved, games and consoles will be almost three times cheaper. With that, there would be great incentive for the sector, which would reduce piracy and stimulate national production and tax collection. ”

In this link, you can find the complete PEC in full.

The purpose of PEC

Games tax reduction approval wins first Senate victory

Mota’s suggestion is to create a constitutional amendment that adds, in item VI of article 150 of the Federal Constitution, a tax immunity for games and consoles produced in Brazil similar to that already in force for temples of any cult, books, newspapers and CDs and DVDs produced in the country.

The matter still needs to be analyzed by other Senate commissions before being voted on by senators. If approved, it goes to the Chamber of Deputies and, if it passes there too, it goes to the sanction of the presidency of the Republic.

THE Showmetech contacted an expert in regulation at Ancine and had this position on the new constitutional amendment, sent by Mr. Magno Maranhão Junior:

Following the same path as item “e” of item VI of art. 150 of the Federal Constitution that deals with musical phonograms and videophonograms produced in Brazil, the insertion of tax immunity in the Federal Constitution will be an important instrument to encourage the production of consoles and electronic games in Brazil. Emphasizing that the study of the estimate of the budgetary-financial impact is essential for this proposal to be in line with the guidelines of the Fiscal Responsibility Law”, Said Maranhão.