Apple is already the world's fourth largest gaming company - even above Nintendo

Games reach 74% of total app store spend

At the end of last year, we commented on an App Annie survey of App Store consumer spending, which could exceed $ 122 billion this year. Of course, we can't talk about it without thinking of one of the app categories that consumers spend the most: games.

Now, the analytics firm is back with yet another glimpse of user habits in the app stores, focusing on games. According to the study, 74% of spending in app stores (App Store and Google Play mainly) were driven by games last year.

Also, 33% of all downloads of apps worldwide were games, with users spending about 10% of the time of use on the devices. According to App Annie, last year more than 1.1 million titles were released on the App Store and 1.6 million on Google Play.

As for the top two app stores, we know that Google Play tends to have the largest number of downloads (due to the higher number of Android devices) than the App Store, and that was no different last year: in 2018, 72% of games were downloaded from the Google store, while the app store got 28%.

Play spend on Google Play and the App Store

But, as usual, the scenario changes when we look at spending on these stores: While Google Play recorded only 36% of consumer spending on games, the App Store accumulated about 64%. Overall, user spending on games grew by 15% per year on both platforms.

The increase in the number of releases is related to the increasing engagement of games with the mobile market, according to the study. Among the reasons for this, say, “perfect marriage” is a growing user base, particularly in developing markets (such as the Brazil), where the number of smartphones per person grows every year.

Stages that play / install games the most

Speaking of Tupiniquin lands, Brazil is among nine other select markets where users play the most including the United States, the United Kingdom and China; On the other hand, our country is among the least user-installers of games, with France leading this ranking.

Time spent playing games by age group

In addition to enabling an increase in the number of launches, the mobile platform also played an important role in expanding the age range of players. Today, most of the time spent on games comes from users 25 and older; In many cases, these players are not even classified as gamers, App Annie noted.

The full Annie App research report can be downloaded here.

via TechCrunch