Games marathon tries to beat world record

Another attempt to break the Guinness World Record for continuous play has just started. The competition involves six video game champions who during the weekend test their endurance by playing Red Dead Redemption.

The current record is set at 40 hours of uninterrupted play, a figure that the six contestants will try to overcome in the challenge taking place in Rotterdam. The winner of the challenge that manages to surpass the current Guinness World Record wins a prize of one thousand euros.

The marathon is promoted by Vogel’s, which takes the opportunity to launch a new accessory for the PS3, the Vogel’s TwistDock that guarantees connection, expansion and charging of the PS3 and the controls, in addition to organizing the console cables. The device was presented at E3 but only now hits the market.

The marathon is broadcast live through this website and started at 12 noon in Portugal.

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See also the video presentation of TwistDock, produced by Vogel’s.

Editor’s Note: The image of the competition and the video were added to the news.