Games for Linux: Penumbra – Think or Die!

One of the best horror games for Linux

Linux Terror

Twilight A classic of the gaming world, Frictional Games, the game's producer also known as Amnesia, puts you in a shadowy world and scares full of puzzles, which are those little puzzles you have to solve while scared to death.

Punumbra on Linux Punumbra on Linux Punumbra on Linux Besides the scares, technically the game is very good, just like SlenderWhat draws attention here is not only the graphics of the game, but the atmosphere of terror that surrounds the player and Penumbra still has a well crafted Engine, where you can interact with virtually everything on the scene, while respecting gravity and physics. Of objects, heavier things are harder to move, just as when even lighter things are on a surface that makes it difficult to get around.

Penumbra Oveture Gameplay

Final Thoughts and Downloads

Penumbra game has two versions with different stories and maps, Penumbra Overture same as the trailer above, and Penumbra Black Plague, The paid game costs around 20 reais and can be purchased from the official website, but cross platform, there are DEMO versions for Windows, Linux and Mac that will allow you to have fun for a long time.

To download the DEMO version of Penumbra for Linux use the Link below:

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