Games for Linux: Assault Cube

Assault Cube: An Counter Strike Open Source-Style FPS

Hello guys, I'm starting today a great series that will bring the most diverse, new and cool games to the Linux platform. And despite the great moment I would like to say that I'm a little upset, because I didn't want to start this series without doing the gameplays of the games I promised on our Facebook fan page. In the end, I am having some difficulties making my YouTube Channel entry sticker, and some pending issues with the audio quality of the videos, as soon as this issue is resolved I will post the gameplays, even the games I have posted. I decided to start soon because it's been about 3 weeks (maybe even longer) that I started researching and playing many native Linux games and accumulated a baggage of over 35 games that should be posted almost daily, so if you like games and likes Linux I was connected because in the days that I see a lot of interesting pass here. I was looking forward to getting started and can't wait any longer!

So let's go there!

Assault cube

The first game I chose was one that is in the Program Center on Ubuntu and until relatively known to Linuxers, it's the Assault Cube.

Assault cube

As the name suggests, the game made with Engine Cube 2, responsible for creating many games in the Linux world, the engine is very dynamic and not perfect, but with some tweaking it makes the games very different from each other. That you will see over time, we will post more games made on the same engine.


The graphic is very similar to that of the same CS, if all the tensions are set to maximum the quality is even higher, which does not necessarily make the game heavy, it is not only indicated to mono core processors or that has little or no graphic acceleration. It is the typical FPS where you only see one of your character's hands and your other mates and enemies. As you can see in the image above, "people" are a bit "square" just like in CS, but nothing that gets in the way of the game.


The audio part is very well crafted and not to be missed, there are also options in the menus to configure the audio, the only shortcoming I found that some weapons have a very similar sound, not to say the same.


The cube engine has a "speed things up" feature at game time if you have a more powerful processor, but over time you get used to it, the main mode of the game, just like in CS, Team Death Match, but there are other modes, such as "flag capture". W, A, S, D boats control the character, the mouse responsible for the sight of the shots, you can switch weapons using the keyboard numbers or the mouse scroll.

There are different types of weapons, but not many options, less than CS, but each has a different feature and is more than enough for you to enjoy.

It is possible to play online too and in local network.

Download and installation

As I said earlier, the game is in the Ubuntu Program Center:

Or use the command line:

sudo apt-get install assaultcube

You can download the game directly from the official site as well, and in it you can find versions of it for Windows and Mac OS in addition to Linux, so you can play a network game even if your friends use another operating system.

Small download, about 50 MB.

Hope you enjoyed this first article, many will come around! See you next time and I got some more pictures!

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