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Games and anti-cheats on Linux

6 years ago Valve launched your client Steam for LinuxSince then the platform has been gaining notoriety in terms of games, and gradually several distributors began to port or launch native games to the penguin system, but noticeable the difference in titles available in Linux compared to Windows, which has years and years in the. games market. And the absence of other gaming platforms like EA Games Originis the target of criticism from various players, when the subject Linux + Games.

linux-games-games-steam-origin-anticheat-eac In 2018 Valve surprised Linux gamers with its Steam Play project, using a solution known to the Linux community, Wine. Valve has created a fork of Wine creating the Proton, which does not play the role of an emulator (many believe that Wine emulates Windows games, and indeed this), Proton is a tool implemented on the Steam Linux client, which gives the opportunity to run native Windows games on Windows-based operating systems. Linux, it acts as a layer that translates into the system the instruction that was designed for Windows, adapting the reality and behavior of Linux. Proton makes use of Vulkan to run Windows games, which use DirectX 11 and 12 to work, having several parameters to even use OpenGL, if the game uses DirectX 9. Learn more about in this post we made, detailing the use of such options. It is interesting to note that there are already projects to make games that natively use DX9 can also use Vulkan on Linux. linux-steam-steamplay-proton-wine-games-windows

Proton's greatest villain

With the ease of installing Windows games on Linux, Steam play quickly fell into the grasp of users, and the list of games on Linux-based systems has grown exponentially overnight, but literally a villain already known to users of programs like: PlayOnLinux, Lutris etc; has been hindering the operation of several famous titles such as: Fortnite and PUBG, are the software known as: anti-cheating, the famous anti-cheats, which usually recognize Wine and now Proton, as malicious programs intended to gain advantage and cheat in matches.

I always speculated (HenriqueAD) that Valve would not launch such an important and audacious project as Steam Play, without market research or a method for anti-cheats recognizing Proton not as a cheater, but as a resource.

And how would that be possible? Partnering with companies that specialize in anti-cheating, and it seems that this is coming true, as a Reddit user was able to contact with the development team of one of the largest and most widely used anti-cheats today, the Easy Anti-Cheat, and according to him, Valve and EAC would be working for Proton support, making it possible to work in games that use this solution.

OK, there is Steam for Linux, but what about Origin?

Not even Steam live Linux gamer, and this is a reality, even though it does not currently have a native Origin client, alternatives such as Lutris quoted, in some cases allow the execution of EA titles, but the anti-cheat pursues even at these times and can end the party.

One of the advantages of software being Open source, the possibility of its use in other projects, and this is no different with Proton, which besides working on Steam Play, can be used on Lutris, receiving all the advantages, and if the Valve and EAC mutual development partnership goes ahead , even EA Games titles may benefit from such an implementation.

origin-ea-games-linux What if EA Games was working on a native version of its Origin client for Linux? This other possibility, recently a Reddit discussion among users of the site, it has hinted that something like this could materialize in the not too distant future.

When asked about a possible Origin version for Linux, EA's supposed attendant says that such a project is a priority and is in the final stages of testing and may be released at any time.

So i have checked the work in progress list that we are currently working on. This is on the priority, so you can expect it anytime very soon, As of now the work is being done on it to enhance the experience and its is almost completing stage.

The user asks if there would be a planned release date, but the only answer was that by not participating in the development team a date could not be passed, but there was a guarantee that it was in the final stages of development.

As I am not in the developer team, I wont be giving an estimate time but I can tell you that its almost in completing stage.

If such information is true, the Linux gamers community, receive more titles and facilities while enjoying games on the platform, and possibly new players will be able to play more comfortably and with the security of official support by companies.

And you also play on Linux? Leave comments on your experiences during your penguin gameplay.

See you in the next post, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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